Frequent Asked Questions

Can any Hyundai owner become a Premium Care Member?
Yes, all Hyundai owners can become a Premium Care Member and the membership is free. However, you will only start earning service points rebate when you service your vehicle with Komoco Service Centre.

How do I apply for Premium Care Programme?
You may get a registration form from our Sales Consultant upon new vehicle delivery or from our Service Advisor upon service visit or register online at

How can I earn service points rebate?
Service points rebate are credited to your account each time you engage a service or part change from Komoco Service Centre (except for body repairs and spray paintings). You earn 1 point for each dollar spent.

Will my accumulated service points expire?
Yes. Service points will expire after ONE year from points-earned date.

What happens to my service points if I change to a new Hyundai vehicle? Are they transferable?
Yes. They are transferable from your previous vehicle to your new vehicle. However, points are non-transferable for different ownerships, including family member’s Hyundai vehicle(s).

How can I access my member account to view my points or change my personal data?
You may log on to your member account to view your transaction points and update your particulars such as contact numbers, email, address etc.
If you need to update Vehicle Number, Name, NRIC and Date of Birth, please contact Kelly at 64735588.

When will I receive my new Member ID and Password after I have submitted my online registration?
Your online registration will be processed on next working day. If you have submitted your registration on weekends, your registration will be processed on the following Monday (except public holidays). You will then receive a system email providing you the Member ID and password to log in online.

Whom shall I contact if I am unable to log in my Premium Care account online?
Please call Kelly at 64735588 for assistance. Alternatively, you may email us at for assistance.

Will my membership expire?
i. Basic membership No. It is a Lifetime membership
ii. Gold membership Yes. It will expire after 14 months (for 2nd or 3rd new Hyundai vehicle purchase and 1-Year Maintenance Service Planner purchase) OR after 28 months (for 2-Year Maintenance Service Planner purchase)
iii. Gold Plus membership Yes. It will expire after 28 months (for 2-Year Maintenance Service Planner purchase)
iv. Platinum membership No. It is a Lifetime membership

How do I renew my Gold or Gold Plus membership?
Simply purchase a Yearly Maintenance Service Planner within your membership period.

What is your 24-hour Roadside Service number?
It is 9665 2653.

What is your Recovery Service hotline?
It is 6272 2208.

If you have any other questions on the programme or your membership, please email us at